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This article White Light is not apart of the current Akkipuden continuity and has no relevance to the current story!
 White Light is a infamous S-rank demon who is apart of the group Death Watch. His incredible skill in kenjutsu has earned him the moniker The White Swordsman and Killer of Light. 
White Light
White Light
Name White Light
Aliases The White Swordsman

Killer of Light

Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday July 7th
Age 20
Height 6'3"
Weight 143 lbs.
Blood Type B-
Clan Kento Clan
Chakra Nature Earth Release Earth Release

Explosion Release Explosion Release

Kekkei Genkai Explosion Release Explosion Release
Classification Ninja
Professional Status
Village Iwagakure
Current Rank S-rank
Team Black Shadow (Partner)
Ryo Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
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White Light bares a striking resemblance to Ginshen Uchiha with some exceptions.  Physically, White Light has pure white hair in the same spiked fashion as Ginshen, however, it  isn't very star-shaped and appears not to have a recurring pattern in it's style.  White Light has green eyes as well, which contain star pupils. These pupils seem to be permanent. exhibit them. In addition to how these stars sometimes grow in size, White Light's eyes also sometimes glow a bright red, ultimately making the pupils disappear as a whole. White Light's teeth are sharp like a shark, and he has a slightly more muscular build than Ginshen on account that he is an adult. Finally, White Light's right arm consists of a star tattoo on his shoulder. White Light's outfit is also almost exactly the same as Ginshen's, except his sleeveless ninja shirt and shoes are white instead of black, and he wears a long white scarf that covers his whole face up to his eyes. Lastly, White Light wears a bandana equipped with a metal forehead protector that contains a trident-like marking each side of the plate.


Not much is known of Light's personality, other than the fact that he's ruthless. Light has been known to kill for no exact reason at all, but due to being part of death watch, Light is commonly given missions alongside his partner Black Shadow, who he constantly bickers with. White seems to hold some respect for his partner even though they constantly argue. 

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