Ushinron Otsutsuki
Ushinron Otsutsuki
Romanji Ootsutsuki Ushinron
Aliases Kaguya's Successor
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birthday Unknown
Age Thousands of Years Old
Height 6,7
Weight 102kg
Blood Type Unknown
Clan Otsutsuki Clan
Chakra Nature Various
Kekkei Genkai Rinnegan
Classification Sage
Professional Status
Village No Known Village
Current Rank No Rank
Team No Team
Academy Grad Age N/A
Genin Grad Age N/A
Chunin Grad Age N/A
Jonin Grad Age N/A
Ryo N/A
EXP A lot. Lol.
Personal Status
Relatives Otsutsuki Clan
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Ushinron Otsutsuki was the first and eldest son of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Sealed by his mother at a young age for his excessive defiance, not to mention the fact he took after her most out of his siblings, Ushinron has consistently managed to manipulate and leave his mark on the world under the title of Jashin(邪神, Lit. "False God"). In spite of those who worship him as jashin however, he is not inherently evil. His image and ideals have been warped and changed to something dark and disgusting by the world, when in fact he is quite a benevolent creature. 








  • This is not my new character. It is my new character's ancestor.

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