As you know, i have a habit of overthinking things. Hell, it's the very basis with which i use to write my characters. Anyway, in that regard, it has recently occured to me, what do stats mean?, or rather, what do they equate to?. Specifically, what point of reference do we use to define the strength of a ninja?. The strongest being in the manga right now is, of no doubt, Madara. Would it be logical to say that a ninja, for example, who has a chakra at 100/100, is as strong as him in that regard?, or a ninja with stamina, durability, what have with 100 would also be as strong as him in that realm?, is it wise or adequate to use this character as a reference point?. Would a ninja with a chakra with 50/100 be as strong as, i don't know, Nagato?, Kakashi?, if so, our characters may actually be pretty damn strong. Like i said, this may just be me overthinking things... is it worth even thinking about?

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