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aka Bryan Woodman

  • I live in US
  • My occupation is Stock reporter
  • I am Male
  • Arishok Frieza

    This is basically an update with the situation and how it is now:

    • Parents have recovered(for the time being anyways.) Currently taking lots of vitamins, fruits/vegetables etc.
    • How I go sick: Due to them eating bad food at a restaurant then the day after when they were coughing/etc it spread around the house aka Airborne. That is to be expect oh well. Now they two of them including myself are going to continue to doctor on ourselves for the time being. Unless something else occurs.

    Bad News:

    • I'm still weak as shit and still feel like shit and that's stating the obvious. No thanks to not be able to eat, great stomach pains. See the issue here? Doctors says "I'm too thin and need to eat" can't do that if my scumbag immune system gets in the way. :/
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  • Arishok Frieza
    • Father has a stomach virus.
    • Same with my mother too.
    • Aaand now I have it. 

    Couldn't even eat dinner. Anyways I'll need to take some days off to doctor on myself until this passes.

    -- 05:26, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

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