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My Mineral Release Jutsu picture
Summoning - Mineral Release: Subterranean Chrysalis
Technique Type

Summoning Jutsu

Earth Release

Explosion Release

Kekkei Genkai

Hand Seal(s)

Stage 1: Snake → Boar → Ox → Hare → Snake

Stage 2: Proceeded by the use of the words: "katsu" ('喝') and lastly a performance of the seal of confrontation.


Deitame Sarakujo

Adjusting the Yaoeshi so there is a reasonable foothold in the ground, Deitame can open the surface of the Earth and launch out multimillions of sharp Chrysalis. The speed is on par with his Chrysalis Barrage which can also be detonated at will. That is the first part of this attack. The second part of this attack can be launch in a series of spines that ascend up from the ground then descend back into the ground. More so the technique is capable of causing heavy direct/in-direct linear splash damage(i.e. cutting through enemies in a straight line). Ranges vary from a simple tomb stone in the length/width or about the size of the average forest. This Jutsu uses up 40 - 45% of his chakra as well.

The classification and type are the same but the hand signs are slightly different following after the words "katsu" ('') and the same seal of confrontation