This is the Naruto Akkipuden Wiki's official rules. All rules listed on this page must be followed in order to grant a enjoyable and fun experience on the wiki. These rules are the same for all users to enforce equality and to make sure no there isn't any massive disadvantages or advantages. 

List of Rules

  • All character pages must use the ninja template unless the character is not a ninja. Then they're free to use the regular character infobox template. 
  • All character pages should be well-formatted, possess decent grammar and puncuation, and look something like the Nerai HyugaKarasu Youkai, and Hideki Uzumaki pages. 
  • No Godmodding. For example, dodging all of your opponent's attacks, being immune to all of their attacks, or one-shotting them.
  • No making up random OP moves on the spot in RP, especially ones without a logical explanation. For example, your character is about to lose a battle and is severely injured as well as low on chakra, and suddenly creates a Big Ball Rasengan to take the enemy out at the last second. 
  • No spamming excessively. For example, rapidly typing in random characters and gibberish. 
  • No harassing or constantly insulting other users. This only results in arguments and causes problems. 
  • No vadalism. Vandalizing other user's pages and articles will not be tolerated at all. You will only get one warning for this and if you do it again you'll be blocked immediately.

Failure to follow these rules after being told not to do them a maximum of 3 times will result in a long block from the wiki.