Rhea (Ray-a) is a member of the Titans and wife of Kronos.

Name Raya
Aliases The Beautiful Maiden

Sexy Psycho (Axel)

Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday December 5th
Age 24
Height 5'8"
Weight 143 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Clan None
Chakra Nature 20px Lightning Release

20px Water Release

Kekkei Genkai Storm Release Storm Release
Classification Knight
Professional Status
Village Unknown
Current Rank S-rank
Team Titans
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
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Rhea is usually depicted as having a rather beautiful appearance by those around her, as Axel was easily taken by her appearance. In addition to her beauty, any of those who gaze upon her true smile instantly fall in love with her. Whether this is natural or a certain kind of jutsu is unknown.


Rhea has a rather silent personality, meaning that she does not talk much no matter the situation. She is usuall very polite in words, but actions are a whole different story. When in combat, she utilizes her beauty with her extreme speed to get the best of her opponents. She will almost always listen to what her husband tells her, and will obey his orders without question. On the inside, Rhea is a sad individual who wishes she could be normal for once.