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Welcome to the Naruto Akkipuden Wiki!

Welcome to Naruto Akkipuden Wiki! This is a Naruto Role-Play Wiki that allows you to create and make your own original characters! The timeline is set 15 years after the official ending of Naruto Shippuden. Naruto Uzumaki is now the Seventh Hokage and the world has been in peace for past 15 years. The world has achieved great technological advancements due to the combined efforts of the Shinobi Union and has never been a more utopian society. Naruto Uzumaki and his wife, Hinata Hyuga, have had two children named Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. While Sasuke Uchiha and his wife, Sakura Haruno, have had one daughter named Sarada Uchiha. All of their children, including their children's peers, have recently graduated from the ninja academy and are now embarking on their paths to becoming full-fledged shinobi. The story primarily revolves around the adventures of one specific Konoha genin squad, Team Koutetsu. This team is comprised of Nerai HyugaKarasu Youkai, Hideki Uzumaki, and their sensei Koutetsu.

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