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My Mineral Release Jutsu picture
Mineral Release: Chrysalis Barrage
Technique Type

Earth Release

Explosion Release

Kekkei Genkai

Hand Seal(s)

Stage 1: Snake → Boar → Ox → Hare

Stage 2: Proceeded by the use of the words: "katsu" ('喝') and lastly a performance of the seal of confrontation.


Deitame Sarakujo (AU)

Like with the Mineral Release: Chrysalis Creation, Deitame can focus a singular piece of Yaoeshi which he raised from the Earth itself, break them down into multimillions of shards and launch it forward at a blinding speed as a long ranged attack. Depending on Deitame he can summon as many as he wishes normally he would summon up to 5 to cover a 180 degree circle. These shards can also be detonated as by saying "katsu" ('') seal of confrontation. Similar to the one Deidara uses for his Detonating Clay. Lastly using this Jutsu take up to 35 - 40% of his chakra in total.

The classification and two types for this technique are as follows with the above.   

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