Meiyo Uzumaki
Kanji ウズキア名誉,
Romanji Meiyo Uzumaki
Aliases Meiyo Uzoshoki
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 18
Age 10
Height 5'3
Weight 100 LBS
Blood Type O-
Clan Uzumaki Clan
Chakra Nature Wind Release
Professional Status
Village Kusagakure
Current Rank Genin
Team _
Academy Grad Age 10
Ryo 0
Personal Status
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Meiyo Uzumaki (ウズキア名誉, Uzumaki Meiyo) is Shinobi of Yugakure and descendant of the scattered Uzumaki Clan following the destruction of Uzushiogakure. Meiyo is the child to a half-Uzumaki woman, and an unknown Kusagakure man, thus making him 1/4th Uzumaki. Despite this lineage, Meiyo retains black hair rather than the scarlet red trademarked by his clan. This makes keeping his heritage a secret far easier, and gave his mother assurance when leaving him in Kusagakure. Despite being an orphan, Meiyo is fully aware of his blood and knows to keep it a secret.

Meiyo learned of his Uzumaki background on one faithful night when he awoke to a loud crash. In the dark stood a figure, looking back at him, the figure jolted out of the window and into the night. 9 years old at the time, Meiyo was an exceptional Shinobi and fully capable in the field of battle. He'd pursue the figure, constantly questioning along the way. The cloaked, and hooded figure would eventually corner themselves with Meiyo arriving with questions. Trapped, the figure would draw a kunai. At the sight, through teachings away from the academy, Meiyo's shinobi instict would kick in. This allowed him to draw a kunai of his own, and strike down the figure without second thought. The figure would fall with a feint groan.

Upon turning, Meiyo would see a woman under the now fallen hood. Deep red hair, now glistering in crimson blood. The figure was a woman, his mother. Simply checking in on her son she'd left years prior as she'd done dozens of times before. A gut feeling kicked in within Meiyo, as if he instantly understood what he'd done. Tears poured from his eyes as he kneel't over, grabbing his mother. In his arms, she'd touch his face, smearing blood over his cheek. She'd explain to him that she was his mother, and that she'd left him there within Yugakure to protect him from people looking to harm him. From the age of 9, Meiyo was no longer a child, he was a shinobi.

Unlike many who would likely denounce the way of a shinobi, and never kill again, Meiyo changed in another way. After this event, his entire demeanor would change. Scarred emotionally, he'd become a very emotionally numb person, a broken child. As a Shinobi, as he was taught, he'd seek to accomplish all of his goals in the most efficient way possible, and in this would do anything possible to achieve them.