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Hikari Uzumaki
Hikari Uzumaki
Name Hikari Uzumaki
Kanji ひかりうずまき
Romanji Hikari Uzumaki
Aliases The Sixth Hokage's Noble Son
The Prodigy of the Hyuga
The Tenth Hokage
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 3rd
Age 37
Height 5'1" (11 years old)
5'6" (15 years old)
5'10" (20 years old)
5'11" (37 years old)
Weight 100 lbs (11 years old)
142 lbs (15 years old)
170 lbs (20 years old)
177 lbs (37 years old)
Blood Type A
Clan Uzumaki Clan
Hyuga Clan
Chakra Nature Water Release Water Release
Wind Release Wind Release
Fire Release Fire Release
Earth Release Earth Release
Lightning Release Lightning Release
Lava Release Lava Release
Magnet Release Magnet Release
Yin Release Yin Release
Yang Release Yang Release
Yin-Yang Release Yin-Yang Release
Kekkei Genkai Byakugan Byakugan
Classification Ninja
Professional Status
Village Hidden Leaf Village
Current Rank Kage
Team Team Shino
Academy Grad Age 10
Genin Grad Age 11
Chunin Grad Age 14
Jonin Grad Age 31
Ryo 19,350,000
Personal Status
Relatives Minato Namikaze (Paternal Grandfather)
Kushina Uzumaki (Paternal Grandmother)
Hyuga Elder (Maternal Great Grandfather)
Hiashi Hyuga (Maternal Grandfather)
Hizashi Hyuga (Maternal Granduncle)
Hanabi Hyuga (Maternal Aunt)
Neji Hyuga (Maternal Cousin)
Naruto Uzumaki (Father)
Hinata Hyuga (Mother)
Hama Senju (WIfe)
Kaji Uzumaki (Son)
Suichi Uzumaki (Daughter)
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Hikari Uzumaki is the son and only child of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. He is also the husband of Hama Senju, and the father of Kaji Uzumaki and Suichi Uzumaki. He hails from the Uzumaki and Hyuga Clans, is the Pseudo-Jinchuriki of all nine Tailed Beasts, and is the Tenth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. 


Hikari Uzumaki bears a striking resemblance to his father and grandfather. However, he also slightly resembles his mother as well. He has jet black hair and white pupiless eyes like all Hyuga Clan members possess, something he inherited from his mother. He prefers to wear the typical Hidden Leaf Village shinobi uniform in honor of his Uzumaki Clan heritage, but he also enjoys wearing casual clothes too. 


Hikari Uzumaki is a very light-hearted, kind, and compassionate person. He is usually very optimistic and upbeat most of the time. He's also very mature, knowledgable, and intelligent. He strongly dislikes immaturity and gets angered very easily when his friends make childish jokes or insult him especially during the wrong situation. He is also very aware, alert, tactical, and strategic during battle. He never let's his guard down and usually keeps his Byakugan active during battle allowing him to see where ever his enemies may be hiding so he wont be taken by surprise. But aside from all of this, one of the key aspects of Hikari's personality is his belief in a ideal known as the Will of Fire. 

The Will of Fire is an ideal passed down generation to generation originally starting with the ancestor of the Senju and Uzumaki Clans, which is, Asura. This ideal is the belief that love is the key to peace and harmony. It is Hikari's nindo that he lives by and he believes that everyone in the entire Hidden Leaf Village is just like one big happy family. That everyone loves, cherises, protects, and wont hesitate to sacrifice themselves in order to protect their village and their loved ones. This belief gives Hikari the ability to fight against all odds no matter what and gives him the willpower to never back down, never give in, and never give up no matter what. He also hopes that this belief will be passed on to his future children and the future generations to come. 


Hikari Uzumaki is the son of the Sixth Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki and his wife Hinata Hyuga, the eldest daughter of the previous Hyuga Clan head, Hiashi Hyuga. Ever since he was born he has been raised by both of his parents all of his life and he still is, and due to his parents' elite status he earned himself the nickname "The Sixth Hokage's Noble Son". Once he turned 3 years old his father and grandfather started training him in the use of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. This developed his skills very early on and made him into what some call him a truly gifted prodigy.  Hikari was born with a natural affinity for the Hyuga Clan's taijutsu the gentle fist, so his grandfather Hiashi Hyuga trained him in that most of the time. Especially since he was born with the powerful kekkei genkai and one of the three great Dojutsu, the Byakugan. It was these prodigious skills that earned him his other nickname "The Prodigy of the Hyuga".

But when he wasn't training with his grandfather he would hone these skills with his mother or train alone by himself. But despite this, he still trained with his father a lot and eventually learned and fully mastered the shadow clone jutsu and rasengan. Further improving and honing his skills in Ninjutsu so that way he would be skilled in other techniques besides simply taijutsu. As the years passed Hikari continued his training daily and eventually enrolled in the academy. Already being far more knowledgable, skilled, and more powerful than the other kids his age he graduated from the academy at 10 years old which is surprisingly young. So his story begins with him finally becoming a genin and embarking on his journey to become a great and powerful ninja.

Normal RP Battles

  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Tatsuo Otsutsuki. Winner: Draw
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Ginshen Uchiha. Winner: Undecided
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Ian Uchiha. Winner: Undecided


Return of Orochimaru Arc

This arc was about a virus created by Orochimaru's followers that turned people into mindless snake-like mutants and about the return of Orochimaru. After a long series of events happened the newly ressurected Orochimaru was destroyed by Naruto, Sasuke, and their allies. Many of Orochimaru's followers were wiped out, and the virus also died out immediately after Orochimaru's death. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Tatsuo Otsutsuki, and Karasu Kenshin vs. Shino Aburame. Winner: Shino Aburame
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Karasu Kenshin. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Hikari BujinGinshen Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki vs. Orochimaru's Clone and Monma II. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies.

The 7 Harbingers of Hell Part Arc Part 1

This arc was about the appearance of a group of seven pure evil demonic samurai known as the "7 Harbingers of Hell". Only 2 of its members, the twin demon brothers, Masashi and Takashi Akuma appeared. After a long series of events Masashi Akuma was killed by the combined efforts of Hikari Uzumaki and all of his allies and fellow ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and by his own elder brother, Takashi Akuma for being "too weak and a disgrace to the clan". Afterwards, Takashi Akuma fought against Hikari and his allies and defeated them but they escaped before he was able to kill them. Then Takashi Akuma vanished and wasn't seen for a while.

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Hikari Bujin, Ginshen Uchiha, and Ian Uchiha  vs. Masashi Akuma. Winner: Masashi Akuma. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Ginshen Uchiha, and Ian Uchiha vs. Masashi Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Ian Uchiha, Hikari Bujin, Shino Aburame, and Shikamaru Nara, vs. Takashi Akuma. Winner: Takashi Akuma. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Takashi Akuma. Winner: Takashi Akuma

Chunin Exams Arc

This arc takes place 6 months after the last arc and is about the Chunin Exams. After a long series of events happened everyone except for Tatsuo Otsutsuki was promoted to chunin and two new members of the Seven Harbingers of Hell were revealed. They were Rin Akuma and Yami Akuma, and in the end, Rin retreated and Yami was killed in a climatic battle which resulted in some of the Hidden Leaf Village being destroyed and Shizune's death.

  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Branchi. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki.
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Ginshen Uchiha. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki.
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Ian Uchiha. Winner: Tie
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Yami Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his friends.

The 7 Harbingers of Hell Arc Part 2

This arc takes place 4 years after the last arc and is about Hikari and his friends going on a mission requested by Naruto to track down and kill a located member of the 7 Harbingers of Hell. The member is later revealed to be Kyuban Akuma and ends up sparring Hikari and his friends lives due to his feelings for Ian and his master kills him and sees it as a sign of betrayal. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Kyuban Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies.

Reunion Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends training to learn Sage Mode and finally achieving it and fully mastering it in the end. It also revolves around Tatsuo's return to the village after 4 years and Ian's return after 2 months. Everyone is finally reuinited again after a long time.

  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Tatsuo Otsutsuki. Winner: Draw

Root Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends trying to figure out who two unknown members of the Root were. Eventually, at the end, the two brothers managed to steal Kakashi Hatake's Sharingan Eye and escape. Yamato has also mysteriously disappeared as well and is beleived to have been captured by them. As of currently, no one knows their true plans and the brothers have vanished without a trace. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Ian Uchiha, Hikari Bujin, and Tatsuo Otsutsuki vs. Shin & Jin. Winner: Undecided

The Corrupted Sin Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends combating a mysterious and unknown boy who was possessed by some kind of monster made ou of darkness. In the end, the monster was defeated, released from the boy, and Hikari sealed the monster away inside a scroll. The boy was taken to the hospital and remained there for the time being.

  • Hikari Uzumaki and Karasu Kenshin vs. darkness monster-possessed boy. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and Karasu Kenshin.

Kabuto & Kazuma Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends combating the evil Kabuto Yakushi and eventually defeating him only to return to the village to discover it was under attack by a new mysterious villain named Kazuma. Naruto quickly dispatched the villain and he fled never to be seen again.

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ginshen Uchiha, and Tatsuo Otsutsuki vs. Kabuto Yakushi. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies.
  • Naruto Uzumaki, Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Tatsuo Otsutsuki, and Ginshen Uchiha vs. Kazuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 

Scorpion Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends encountering a mysterious new evil named Scorpion who's main goal is to obtain the 3 most powerful dojutsu in the world. The Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. He also wants to gain all 7 of the Hidden Mist Ninja Swords. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Ian Uchiha, and Killer B vs. Scorpion. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 

The 7 Harbingers of Hell Arc Part 3

This arc was about Hikari and his friends waging a full-fledged war against the remaining 7 HoH members and their gargantuan demon army. After a long series of very important and major events, Takashi and Kasaiya Akuma were both killed and defeated, Mao Akuma was defeated and escaped, Rin Akuma escaped, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata died, the Demon King was destroyed, the Ten-Tails was defeated and the other Tailed Beast were extracted and released, Jin died, Scorpion took the Gedo Mazou and left, Shin  took Madara Uchiha's RInnegan eyes from Jin when he died and fled.

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Tatsuo Ootsutsuki, Hikari Bujin, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Kasaiya Akuma. Winner: Hikaru Uzmaki and his allies.
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, Ian Uchiha, and Hikari Bujin vs. Takashi Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki and a dozen other characters vs. Mao Akuma, the Ten-Tails, Shin, Jin, and Scorpion. Winner: None

The New Age Arc

This arc was about the aftermath and then the 5 year timeskip after the finale of the 7 HoH Part 3 Arc. After the battle ended, the village started rebuilding with Kigima Senju's help, Kato became Hokage, and the rest fo the Land of Fire started rebuilding. Karasu also left for 5 years, Hikari became leader of the Tailed Beast Protection Force, and Ian strived to become Hokage after Kato. Eventually, Hikari returned to the village after leaving for 9 months and met back up with good friend Ian and a few others. 

The Arc of Akumu Part 1

This arc was about a new villain named Akumu appearing out of nowhere and wrecking havoc on the village and attacking it and it's citizens without mercy. After a long series of events the village was destroyed.... again, the hokage monument was also destroyed.... again, and Kato was put into a coma and sent to the hospital. Afterwards, Ryo Otsutsuki was selected as temporary Hokage until Kato awakes from his coma. But suddenly Kato was kidnapped and vanished without a trace. Hikari and his friends were sent to find him but haven't found him yet.

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, and Kato Kenshin vs. Akumu. Winner: None

The 7 Harbingers of Hell Arc Part 4

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against Mao Akuma and Rin Akuma, the last two remaining members of the 7 Harbingers of Hell. During this arc, after a long series of events, Mao Akuma was defeated and retreated, Shin captured 8 of the Tailed Beast and retreated, and Scorpion took a small portion of each of the Tailed Beasts' chakra and retreated as well. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki and Ian Uchiha vs. Rin Akuma. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Kigima Senju, and the Tailed Beasts vs. Mao Akuma. Winner: None

The Death Watch Part 1 Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against the infamous Death Watch, an organization of extremely powerful S-rank shinobi who currently have unknown plans but they most likely involve the revival of the legendary Ten-Tailed Beast. During this arc, after a long series of events, several of the Death Watch's bases were found, raided, and taken over by the ANBU Black Ops. Two of their members, Black Shadow and his partner White Light were killed during this arc by shinobi from Konoha. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, and Karasu Kenshin vs. Black Shadow. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, and Karasu Kenshin vs. Black Shadow. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Ryo Otsutsuki, and Konoha 11 vs. Severe and White Light. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Ryo Otsutsuki, and Shino Aburame vs. Nadith. Winner: None

The Death Watch Part 2 Arc

This arc was about Hikari, his friends, Konoha 11, and the entire Hidden Leaf Village trying to defend itself from a full-fledged assault on the village by Death Watch. After a long series of events many villagers were killed and the entire village was obliterated in the end. Right after the village was destroyed with a god-like Shinra Tensei by Echo. All of Death Watch retreated and fled the village. Afterwards, reconstruction of the village began and shockingly Kato Kenshin had returned out of nowhere. Kato Kenshin had also resumed his position as Hokage due to returning to the village. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, and Konoha 11 vs. Death Watch. Winner: Death Watch

The Arc of Akumu Part 2

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against the undead Akatsuki that was revived via edo tensei, Izuna Uchiha (Although they don't know who he is yet), Akumu, and Izuna's own six paths of pain comprised of the 5 Kage (Including Kato Kenshin himself who was secretly being controlled by Izuna the entire time.) and Mifune. After a long series of events the Hidden Leaf Village that was slowly rebuilding and recovering from Death Watch's attack was completely destroyed again without even given a chance to make a comeback. In the end the edo tensei Akatsuki (although they retreated much earlier), Izuna, Akumu, and Izuna's six paths of pain all retreated with Izuna only saying "He did it all for fun".

  • Hikari Uzumaki and Ian Uchiha vs. Deidara. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki and Ian Uchiha vs. Izuna's Six Paths of Pain. Winner: Six Paths of Pain
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Rei Senju, and Asuma Nara vs. Akumu. Winner: None

The Seven Harbingers of Hell Arc Part 5

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against Rin Akuma. Rin suddenly attacked the reconstructing Hidden Leaf Village, killed hundreds of shinobi, and had a long battle with the strongest shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village. In the end, Rin Akuma was finally defeated and killed after all this time. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Konoha 11, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, and Kurenai Yuhi vs. Rin Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies.

The Seven Harbingers of Hell Arc Part 6

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against Mao Akuma and Lycan Akuma, the leader of the 7 Harbingers of Hell, and his demonic pet. During this arc, after a long series of events, Mao Akuma was finally defeated once and for all, The Land of Fire was decimated, the Hidden Leaf Village and the entire landscape around it was completely obliterated and changed forever, and finally the spirits of the other 7 Harbingers of Hell members were freed from Mao's control and so were the thousands of other spirits that he had enslaved. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Rei Senju, Eku Senju, Nejian Hyuga, and Konoha 11 vs. Mao Akuma and Lycan Akuma. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Nejian Hyuga vs. Mao Akuma. (Demon King Form) Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Mao Akuma. Winner: None
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Karasu Kenshin, and Ian Uchiha vs. Lycan Akuma. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 

The Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Arc

This arc was about Hikari and his friends fighting against Shin after he had become the newly revived Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki. After a long series of several catastrophic events, Shin was finally killed and defeated in the end, The Land of Fire was completely ripped apart and reformed to the point it was unrecognizable, the other Hidden Villages were completely destroyed, and the Ten-Tails was devoured by the almighty "Destruction of All Things" jutsu. However, the Ten-Tails will soon return to the world at an unknown point in time. 

  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Ryo Otsutsuki, Kigima Senju, Rei Senju, Nejian Hyuga, Rai, Arashi, Mighty Guy, Rock Lee, Scorpion, Sound, Echo, Akumu, Izuna Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki (Edo Tensei), Sasuke Uchiha (Edo Tensei), Asura (Edo Tensei), and Indra (Edo Tensei) vs. Shin (Ten-Tails Jinchuriki). Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 
  • Hikari Uzumaki, Ian Uchiha, Karasu Kenshin, Kigima Senju, and Rei Senju vs. Shin (Jin's Body). Winner: Hikari Uzumaki and his allies. 

The Grand World Tournament Arc

During this arc, Hikari Uzumaki fought against his cousin Nejian Hyuga and ended up defeating him in the end. Afterwards, Hikari Uzumaki moved on to the second match. Later on, Hikari Uzumaki was going to fight Asuma Nara but Asuma Nara declined and forefeited. Therefore, Hikari Uzumaki automatically won. During the final most intense and longest match of the Grand World Tournament, there was four-way tie between Hikari, Karasu, Ian, and Kyofu. Meaning they all tied and became known as the next sannin 

  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Nejian Hyuga. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Asuma Nara. Winner: Hikari Uzumaki
  • Hikari Uzumaki vs. Ian Uchiha vs. Karasu Kenshin vs. Kyofu Senbo vs. Ginshen Uchiha vs. Ryo Otsutsuki. Winner: Tie

The Sage of Six Paths Arc


Jutsu & Special Abilities

As the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, Hikari Uzumaki is undoubtely an extremely powerful shinobi. Due to being trained by his father, Naruto Uzumaki, and his grandfather, Hiashi Hyuga literally for about as long as he can remember. Hikari Uzumaki is extremely skilled and far more advanced than most academy graduate students. As the common age for graduation is 12 years old while Hikari graduated 2 years earlier than most. He graduated at 10 years old just like his grandfather, Minato Namikaze.

Hikari Uzumaki has been exclusively trained in the gentle fist art by his grandfather, Hiashi Hyuga, and trained in the use of wind release, chakra control, shadow clone jutsu, and the rasengan by his father, Naruto Uzumaki. This means he is skilled in a good range of taijutsu, ninjutsu, and a little bit of genjutsu.

After four years of non-stop intense training in preparation for the next encounter and battle with the Seven Harbingers of Hell Hikari's skill in taijutsu and ninjutsu has dramatically increased and he is much stronger than before. He has also learned some fuinjusu over the years and has improved the power of some techniques he already possess even further.  Overall, Hikari possess a great or good amount of skill in various jutsu ranging from Taijutsu to Fuinjutsu. He also doesn't rely on pure strength, power, or speed like many others do in combat. But he relies more on crippling his enemies, weakening them, and trapping them in battle in order to defeat them. 

After the five year timeskip, Hikari has officially become a Kage-level ninja and is much stronger than before. His skill in ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu has increased even further and so has his skill in using Hyuga Art: Yin-Yang Chakra Release and all of the jutsu that he has created when using it.

After the eleven year timeskip, Hikari has become viewed as one of the strongest shinobi in the entire world. On top of that, Hikari has unlocked and obtained the power of all nine Tailed Beasts and received some of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths chakra himself. Making Hikari among the Top 5 strongest people in the world. 

Life Force, Longeivity, Chakra, & Chakra Control

Due to being a member of the Uzumaki Clan Hikari's body possesses vast amounts of powerful chakra and he has an extremely strong life force which also grants him incredible longeivity and the ability to heal from any wounds his body takes much faster than that of any other humans. He has a lot of endurance, stamina, vitality, and physical energy as well. His healing abilities are so great that he can heal from minor wounds in a few minutes and major wounds in slightly less than a day. His endurance is great enough to the fact that his body can withstand a lot of punishment and damage such as being impaled, losing limbs, or even being choped in half without giving out immediately. His stamina is great enough to the point where he can fight for about a maximum of 3 days before his body gives out. However, this is dependent on how strong his opponents are. . 

Hikari also possess complete mastery over chakra control as well. This is because members of the Hyuga Clan naturally possess an extremely high level of chakra control due to being able to manipulate every single chakra point in their bodies, and because he also naturally inherited Naruto's very high level of chakra control as well. This allows Hikari to use even the most powerful chakra-taxing techniques with the absolute minimal cost of chakra and allows him to control and manipulate the chakra in every single part of his body perfectly. Overall, this has granted Hikari the ability to fight for extremely long extended periods of time without becoming tired at all and still having plenty of chakra left. 

Another notable thing to mention is that just like his grandfather, Minato Namikaze. Hikari naturally possess a great deal of acute senses, reflexes, and great speed. When utilzing his already high level of speed with his Body Flicker Jutsu and Gentle Fist jutsus, he becomes so fast that even those with the greatest dojutsu cannot keep up with his movements. 


Due to being a member of the Hyuga Clan Hikari also possess one of the three great dojutsu, the Byakugan. This grants him the ability to see chakra, chakra flow, the chakra pathway system, chakra points, x-ray vision, and even infrared vision. It also grants him the ability to keep up with objects moving at high levels of speed.  As well as giving him a nearly 360 degree vision except for one blind spot at the back of the neck that he doesn't tell anyone about to avoid them finding his weakness. The Byakugan also allows him to "zoom in" and "zoom out" on many different locations allowing him to see a maximum of 1,200 feet in any general direction he chooses. 

After the four year long timeskip, Hikari's Byakugan has become much stronger and he can see things with much clearer detail and see up to as far as 12,000 feet in any direction he chooses. 

After the five year long timeskip, Hikari's Byakugan has become much stronger and it's range and clarity has increased drastically. He is capable of seeing up to 36,000 feet in any direction he chooses and can see things on a microscopic and cellular level now. Making it nearly impossible for anyone to hide from his Byakugan.

After the eleven year long timeskip, Hikari's Byakugan has become insanely stronger and he can now see up to a maximum of 50,000 feet in any general direction that he chooses. He can even see the particles and even atoms via  that make up everything itself and other objects around him now. He can also see the change in someone's chakra nature inside of their body while molding chakra to tell which chakra nature-based attack they will use next. His eyes are also capable of keeping up with much faster moving objects than usual, even ones utilizing body flicker. 

After becoming the Pseudo-Jinchuriki fo all of the Tailed Beast, Hikari's Byakugan has become powerful enough to see anything with a range of over 100,000 feet. 


Gentle Fist

Due to being a member of the Hyuga Clan Hikari specialises in the gentle fist art, an extremely deadly and lethal taijutsu that only the Hyuga Clan uses. This style allows him to use his Byakugan to see his opponent's chakra pathway system and then surgically inject some of his chakra into his opponent's body during his attacks that will damage his opponent's chakra pathway system and block their chakra points. Preventing them from using chakra and also causing severe damage to their internal organs because the internal organs are closely interwined with the chakra pathway system. There is no defence against this style because someone cannot make their internal organs stronger through training and thus, Hikari can easily completely halt the use of his opponent's chakra or increase their chakra flow. Granting him complete control over their chakra pathway system and allowing him to kill his opponent's very easily with even the weakest, slightest, and gentlest taps. Thus, this gives the style the name "Gentle Fist". 


Hikari is pretty skilled in using ninjutsu and can use a wide vairety of jutsus such as the shadow clone jutsu, body flicker jutsu, transformation Jutsu, substitution jutsu, and the rasengan. He learned all of his ninjutsu from his father so far and intends to learn more in the future. He also possess the water release and wind release chakra natures. However, he is more skilled in water release than wind release and it is his primary chakra nature while wind is his secondary.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Hikari is an exceptionally skilled user of the famous shadow clone jutsu. Due to his large chakra reserves he can create a gargantuan amount of clones easily without suffering any serious fatigue or side-effects. This technique is extremely useful because his clones can use any jutsus he can as long as he gives them a sufficient amount of chakra. Allowing him to easily overwhelm his opponents in sheer numbers with ease. This also allows him to learn and master jutsus much faster as whatever his clones learn, he can also learn. So by using thousands of clones during training in order to learn, master, or perfect a certain jutsu. The amount of experience that all of his clones will gain during the training will be transferred directly back to him once they disappear. Allowing him to gain about 1,000x the amount of experience and training the average person would gain during training. So basically by doing this during training for powerful jutsus he can master them much faster than others. Infact, it is due to the usefulness of this jutsus that this is the very first jutsu he learned when he was 3 years old from his father. Thus, allowing him to learn new jutsu much faster than others over time, which is why Hikari has a large arsenal of jutsu today. 

Body Flicker Jutsu

Not that long ago, Hikari started training in the use of the Body Flicker Jutsu and continues to train everday with it in order to get much better at it. So far, Hikari is very skilled in it's use and usually uses the jutsu at the perfect time in order to attack, evade, or counter attacks that would usually prove fatal or cause a lot of damage if they hit him. Over the years, Hikari's skill with the jutsu has improved greatly and he can use in perfect conjuction with most of his attacks. 

Shape Transformation


Hikari has also fully mastered the use of the Rasengan technique. He was able to master this much easier than his father before him was able to by using plenty of shadow clones during his Rasengan training. He is capable of creating the Rasengan with one hand and even form it in both hands. Displaying that he has great skill in chakra control and shape transformation. Recently, Hikari has mastered the larger and more powerful form of the Rasengan known as the "Big Ball Rasengan". Currently, he has mastered an even larger and more powerful Rasengan than Big Ball Rasengan known as Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan.

Nature Transformation

Water Release

Hikari is a very skilled user of water release jutsus. He typically uses long-range based attacks to prevent his enemies from getting close and will use his taijutsu skills if they end up getting close. Hikari has mastered several water release jutsus and continues to learn more over time, he has been training in the Hidden Mist Village with some Hidden Mist Ninja in order to improve his water release jutsus even further. By using his mastery over the Shadow Clone Jutsu, he can learn things within only a few hours or a few days that would normally take weeks. months, or even years.

Wind Release

Hikari is also a pretty skilled user of wind release jutsus. He usually uses his wind release jutsus for long-range combat and will use taijutsu if his enemies get close. His skill in wind release jutsus continues to get better over time and he will eventually learn more. 

Shape & Nature Transformation

Water Release: Rasenhurricane

After achieving Sage Mode, Hikari trained with his father in order to infuse his rasengan with water release-natured chakra in order to create his own unique and original jutsu. Just like his father did to create the rasenshuriken. After spending a lot of time working on the jutsu, Hikari was finally able to complete it and master the jutsu. The rasenhurricane is an extremely powerful jutsu and is classified as S-rank. Anyone hit by this jutsu will be spun around rapidly in a spiraling vortex of chakra-infused highly pressurized water that will crush their body externally, internally, and flood their lungs with water killing them immediately. However, if Hikari chooses too he can dampen the effects of the jutsu to prevent it from killing someone like he did on his friend Ian Uchiha. This jutsu takes a very high level of chakra control, shape transformation, and nature transformation.

Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

After achieving Sage Mode, Hikari trained with his father in order to infuse his rasengan with wind release-natured chakra in order to create the rasenshuriken. After spending a lot of time practicing it and working on the jutsu. Hikari was finally able to master this jutsu after a while. The rasenshuriken is an extremely powerful jutsu that is classified as S-rank. Anyone hit by rasenshuriken will be spun around rapidly in a vortex of strong wind currents and they will be sliced up on a cellular level. The jutsu creates small microscopic wind blades that slice up all of the opponent's nerves leaving them completely paralyzed afterwards and it even destroys their chakra pathway system preventing them from ever using chakra again. It also has the potential to incinerate the opponent by slicing their body up and ripping it to shreds on a microscopic level, killing them immediately. 

Yin Release

Hikari's skill in yin release is pretty good and he uses this when performing genjutsu jutsus.


Hikari is rather skilled in the use of genjutsu. He is skilled in visual-based genjutsu and sound-based genjutsu and believes the latter to be superior to the first. Which is why he has decided to rely on them more during battle. Genjutsu is also classified as a branch of Yin Release-based techniques, so Hikari possess the Yin Release chakra nature too. Recently, Hikari started training with Kurenai Yuhi in order to increase his skill with genjutsu.

Yang Release

Hikari's skill in yang release is exceptionally high as he uses this when performing his medical-ninjutsu jutsus. 

Medical Ninjutsu

Hikari's skill in medical-ninjutsu has drastically increased over the years to the point that he is considered one of the greatest medical-nin alive. His skill is on par with Kigima Senju's if not possibly higher after all of these years of training in it's use, although Kigima still excels in certain areas. He is extremely knowledgable about various different medicines, herbs, plants, poisons, diseases, viruses, ect. With his knowledge, Hikari can create or negate various different ailments that can be very useful in and out of battle. Hikari knows a large range of medical ninjutsu ranging from stimulating all of the cells in his allies bodies to greatly increase their bodies' healing processes, creating deadly poisons with various effects, or instantly healing himself from any wound his body takes. Another thing to note is that Hikari has exposed himself to non-lethal amounts of poison over the years to allow his body to slowly become immune to most poisons. By experimenting on himself and tampering with his own DNA, Hikari has granted his body the ability to quickly adapt to poisons and even the ability to replicate it's effects. The same can be done for deadly diseases and viruses as well, which in turn effect his chakra. Medical-Ninjutsu is also classified as a branch of Yang Release-based techniques,so Hikari possess the Yang Release chakra nature too. 

Yin-Yang Release

Truth-Seeking Ball

After unlocking the power of all nine Tailed Beasts and receiving the Senjutsu chakra from the Sage of Six Paths, Hagorom Otsutsuki, himself. Hikari had unlocked newfound power that allowed him to use a Kekkei Mora, known as the Truth-Seeking Ball. Truth-Seeking Balls are extremely malleable and versatile spheres of black chakra that can be used for various purposes. They're immensely durable, powerful, and can fly over a vast distance. The balls can also utilize each individual chakra nature that encompasses them or more to form a certain technique or attack out of them.

Chakra Points of Life and Death By unlocking two special tenketsu within his body and converting his life-force into chakra, Hikari is able to greatly increase his chakra levels and all of his abilities. Allowing him to execute much more powerful jutsu than usual that he normally would be unable to use. While in this mode, Hikari gains an intense flame-like chakra aura. 

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Hikari is very skilled in Summoning Jutsus and thus is skilled in Space-Time Ninjutsu. He formed a contract with toads a long time ago but never really had a need to use them until most recently. Hikari is very skilled at the technique and can use both Summoning Jutsu and Reverse Summoning Jutsu as well to either bring the summoned animal to him or bring himself to the summoned animals world instead. He can even summon certain parts of a toad or reverse summon and send himself and his opponents into part of a toads body to make it harder for them to battle and even trap them. His main summoned animal is Gamakichi. 


Due to being a member of the Uzumaki Clan, Hikari naturally has great skill in fuinjutsu and has learned from his fellow clansmen and his father in how to use the traditional jutsus from his clan. He mastered them quite easily in a short amount of time and is very skilled in using them correctly and efficiently. He can use them to seal away beasts or monsters he might encounter in battle or he could seal chakra, consciousness, objects, or even Tailed Beast inside of himself or others or vice versa.


The only juinjutsu that Hikari knows is the Hyuga Main Family's Juinjutsu and the latest Noble Hyuga Juinjutsu. However, he never uses it since the main family and branch family have long since given up on the Hyuga's old and cruel methods and have merged together to become one main branch altogether where everyone is treated equally. However, a new seal was created back that looks just like the Hyuga clan's crest that was placed on every single member of the Hyuga clan. It was placed on their chest and it represents the nobility, power, honor, and pride of being a member of the Hyuga clan and automatically seals the Byakugan of any Hyuga member once they die. It also immediately seals their Byakugan forever if it is forcefully removed against the will of the wearer by any means. This was done to prevent anyone from ever stealing the Byakugan from the Hyuga and unlocking it's secrets and using it's power. 


Over the years Hikari has also been trained in the use of kenjutsu by Mifune for quite some time, allowing Hikari to handle swords much better and use them effieciently in battle. Especially when in Sage Mode, when utilizing the Stone Sword from Mount Myoboku. Or when using the Hamura's sword while in Hyuga Art: Yin-Yang Chakra Release Mode. 

Sage Mode

Recently, Hikari has learned and mastered the legendary Toad Sage Mode in only about 3 days. He has mastered the Toad Sage's special form of fighting known as "Frog Kata" and can utilize it with his naturally high taijutsu skills very easily. Making his gentle fist style even deadlier and more powerful when using Sage Mode. Infact, when using Sage Mode his taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu all become drastically more powerful than ever before. His physical strength, speed, durability, endurance, stamina, chakra levels, healing abilities, and the ability to sense chakra all increase drastically. Also when using Sage Mode, Hikari's Byakugan grows much more powerful and is able to achieve complete 360 degree vision and is able to see natural energy itself.

Six Paths Sage Technique

The Six Paths Sage Technique is a heightened state, similar to Sage Mode, which drastically empowers all of the user's abilities to a much greater state than ever before. The power of Sage Mode and Tailed Beast Mode pale in comparison to the immense amount of power that this state possess. Only those with the Ten-Tails' chakra or by combing Six Paths Sage Chakra and the chakra of all nine Tailed Beasts are capable of entering this state. 

While in this state, Hikari's appearance resembles that of his father's Tailed Beast Mode and Hamura Otsutsuki's regular appearance. He he has a black bodysuit with several magatama and tomoe all over it, a long orange cloak with the same designs as well. His skin glows and his hair does as well, as his entire body is engulfed in radiant golden-orange chakra from all of the Tailed Beast. He can utilize yang release to revive those from near-death, even if they use Eight Gates Released Formation, as well as regrow the organs and missing limbs of others quite easily. He can also wield Six Paths Rods made out of Truth-Seeking Balls in this state as well, and shape them into various other things to utilize in battle against his opponents. 

His speed has increased by an incredible amount, especially if combined with his exceptional skill in the body flicker jutsu, allowing Hikari to move at such incredible speeds that he can keep up with those who possess the abilites of teleportation. Such as Flying Thunder God, Kamui, Amenotejikara, and Amenominaka. He also obtains the ability to fly at incredible speeds on his own as well as form extremely large and powerful chakra arms to utilize in battle as well. Especially if he combines with his chakra chains, making them more powerful than ever. 

Jutsu List


Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist Twin Dragon Fist

Gentle Fist King Dragon Fist

Gentle Fist Art One Blow Body

Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm

Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Wall

Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher

Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

Eight Trigrams One-Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms

Eight Trigrams Two-Hundred Fifty-Six Palms 

Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred Sixty-One Style

Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

Protecion of the Eight Trigrams One-Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms

Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven

Eight Trigrams Great Palms Revovling Heaven



Rasengan Barrage

Big Ball Rasengan

Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan

Body Flicker Jutsu

Substitution Jutsu

Transformation Jutsu

Toad Oil Bullet

Shadow Clone Jutsus

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shadow Clone Explosion Jutsu

Multiple Shadow Clone Explosion Jutsu

Water Release Clone Jutsu

Multiple Water Release Clone Jutsu

Kunai Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu

Fuma Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu

Water Release Jutsus

Water Release Armor

Water Release: Rasenhurricane

Water Release: Twin Rasenhurricane

Water Release: Big Ball Rasenhurricane

Water Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenhurricane

Water Release: Water Severing Wave Jutsu

Water Release: Water Shockwave Jutsu

Water Release: Water Wall Jutsu

Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu

Water Release: Syrup Trap

Water Release: Water Dome Jutsu

Water Release: Hiding in Water Jutsu

Water Release: Hidden Mist Jutsu

Water Release: Black Rain Jutsu

Water Release: Black Tsunami Jutsu

Wind Release Jutsus

Wind Release Armor

Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Twin Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Vacuum Bullets 

Wind Release: Vacuum Blast

Wind Release: Vacuum Blast Barrage

Wind Release: Vacuum Bomb

Wind Release: Wind Combustion Stream

Wind Release: Garuda Jutsu

Space-Time Ninjutsus

Summoning Jutsu (Toads)

Summoning: Crushing Toad Stomach

Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Jutsu

Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind 

Summoning: Toad Shop Jutsu

Gamakichi's Jutsus (Alongside Hikari)

Water Release: Water Bullet

Fire Release: Flame Bullet

Reverse Summoning Jutsu

Shrinking Jutsu

Starch Syrup Gun

Toad Sword Beheading

Fukasaku & Shima's Jutsus (Alongside Hikari)

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant

Fighting Tongue Bind

Fighting Tongue Slash

Reverse Summoning Jutsu

Water Release: Water Showers

Water Release: Water Shield

Sage Mode

Sage Art: Amphibian Jutsu

Sage Art: Frog Call

Sage Art: Toad Oil Bullet

Sage Art: Wind Release Stream

Sage Art: Fire Release Stream

Sage Art: Dust Cloud

Sage Art: Ash Cloud

Sage Art: Goemon

Yin Release Jutsus


Genjutsu: Release

Bringer of Darkness Jutsu

Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Jutsu

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Jutsu

Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Jutsu

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Jutsu

Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death

Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death Explosion

Dissolving Petal Genjutsu

Genjutsu Binding

Illusion Bell Needles

Interrogation Genjutsu


Mental Barricades

Mist Servant Jutsu

Sly Mind Jutsu


Temple of Nirvana Jutsu

Yang Release Jutsus


Mystical Palm Jutsu

Cell Activation Jutsu

Dead Soul Jutsu

Chakra Scapel

Poison Extraction Jutsu

Poison Mist Jutsu

Derangement Palm

Nervous System Rupture Jutsu

Yang Healing Wound Destruction

Yang Seal

Yang Seal: Release

Creation Rebirth

Strength of a Hundred Seal

Strength of a Hundred Seal: Release

Strength of a Hundred Jutsu

Yin-Yang Release Jutsus

Truth-Seeking Ball


Fire Sealing Jutsu

Lightning Sealing Jutsu

Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu

Four Symbols Seal

Eight Trigrams Sealing Style

Torii Seal

Contract Seal

Reaper Death Seal

Reaper Death Seal: Release


Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
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Mission Tracker

  • Growing Vegetables - D-rank Reward: 50,000 ryo each Date: 10/27/13
  • Snake Infestation - C-rank Reward: 100,000 ryo each Date: 12/20/13
  • Orochimaru's Return - S-rank Reward: 2,000,000 ryo each Date: 12/23/2013
  • Investigation - B-rank Reward: 200,000 ryo each Date:1/18/2014
  • An Investigation Gone Wrong A-rank Reward: 1,000,000 ryo each Date: 1/27/2014
  • Absolute Failure S-rank Reward: 3,000,000 ryo each Date: 1/28/2014
  • Absolute Success S-rank Reward: 4,000,000 ryo each Date: 2/13/2014
  • Demonic Investigation S-rank Reward: 5,000,000 ryo each Date: 2/21/2014
  • Operation: Hokage Retrieval S-rank Reward: 6,000,000 ryo each Date: 3/14/2014
  • Operation: Rescue the Feudal Lord S-rank Reward: 7,000,000 ryo each Date: 4/13/2014

Theme Songs

Naruto Shippuuden Music - Hishou (Long Version)05:07

Naruto Shippuuden Music - Hishou (Long Version)

Hikari Uzumaki's Main Theme

I will list all of Hikari Uzumaki's theme songs here. 

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