Chozi Akimichi


Chozi Akimichi is the son of Choji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka.

Chozi Akimichi
Name Chozi Akimichi
Race human
Gender male
Age 25
Height 5 10
Weight 85 kg
Clan Akimichi
Chakra Nature wate


Professional Status
Village Hidden Leaf Village
Current Rank chunin
Ryo 400
Personal Status
Relatives Choji Akimichi (Father)

Ino Yamanaka (Mother)

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Chozi was born 5 years after the 4th great ninja war

Growing up Chozi was loved by everyone and he loved them back. Beacause of his father being able to use Calorie control without pills Chozi was born able to use it from a early age.

Chozi is 12. Chozi has not been in many big battles. Chozi has yet to be paired with a team. Chozi has a water style chakra.


Chozi trained with his father Choji as many times as he could and got much stronger.

Chozi Akimichi Adult


- Super expansion jutsu and all of his dads attacks

Chozi Caloru control

- Calorie Control.

- Water style triple dragon jutsu( sends out 3 water dragons at enemy)

- Water style self defence water ball jutsu

4 Ways Of The Butterfly

One day due to not getting enough missions because he did not have a team Chozi left on a trip to the forests of Animals to train by himself. It had been 11 years before Chozi came back to the village more mature and powerful then when he left. Chozi knew that no one recognized him and he knew how different he looked he was much skinnier and had more muscle as well as having longer hair. Chozi went straight to his father and mother cause he had not seen them for 11 years. When Chozi approached them they knew who he was straight away and gave him a huge hug. After talking to his parents for a while Chozi went to the Hokage to explain his absence. Chozi then got given a mission by the Hokage to find out about a secret organization called the True Paths. Chozi then took his leave and went to find out about this organization. But Chozi came across this organization when he was away they used the forest on animals as a base and Chozi watched them for a while. Chozi then left for the forest of animals to discover the truth about them.