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Realm of Total Darkness

Technique Type




(Literally meaning "Realm of Total Darkness") - is a Teleportation Dōjutsu that sends or rather PUTS the opponent in a realm of completely in total darkness with no possibility of coming back. Inside that realm, the opponent is stuck inside a otherwise darkroom of torture without knowing what/where his/her attacker is. These eyes also grant the user a dubbed "Feral Vision" that lets them see any or all things in the night or in complete darkness. ANYONE can use this, however it does require fusion of Yaoeshi crystals into a part of one's own eyes. Lastly the requirement is that you MUST spend one solid day in darkness.

The Tomes of the Blackigakuharingan

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These are the special Tomes of Blackigakuharingan. All of them grant abilities which are listed in the following order: 

  • Tome 1: Grants the user the "Feral Vision" to see in the darkness for a day.
  • Tome 2: Grants the user the ability to send people certain types inside a realm of total darkness for a day.
  • Tome 3: Combines both the first and second tomes together allowing the user to send people inside a realm of total darkness as well as use Feral Vision at the same time. However with this new tome, that time is increased for 3 days.

Ultimate Blackigakuharingan  

This is the ULTIMATE version of the Blackigakuharingan. The new Tome grants unlimited use of the "Feral Vision" and the user is also able to send pretty much anyone or anything into a realm of complete or total darkness, sealing them inside with no possible return to reality. Literally the opponent will be forced to live in a realm of darkness for all eternity depending if the user wants to or not.

Obtaining the Ultimate Blackigakuharingan

  • You have to spend an ENTIRE year in solitary where you cannot see day light(That means no sunlight, no lamp light, no candle light, no in-house light, etc).
  • You HAVE to be inside a room of darkness just to obtain the Ultimate Blackigakuharingan.


  • If the user attempts to try out any of the three Tomes for more than one day it will result in their eyes being disabled for a day.
  • If they attempt to try it again they WILL have their eyes removed of all three Tomes and the user WILL be trapped in a realm of total darkness with no chance of returning.
  • If the user fails to remain in complete darkness of a year in order to obtain the Ultimate Blackigakuharingan, it will result in the user being stuck with Tomes 1 - 3 indefinitely unless a proper retry is in order.


Dietame so far is the only one to unlock his eyes. He currently has one of the three Tomes available at the moment. His currently Chakra power and energy prevents him from using it often. 

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