Yin-Yang Release Heads Up, this doesn't matter anymore! This is apart of the Old Continuity.
This article Black Shadow is not apart of the current Akkipuden continuity and has no relevance to the current story!
 Black Shadow is a infamous S-rank demon who is apart of the group Death Watch. His incredible skill in kenjutsu has earned him the moniker The Black Swordsman and Killer of Shadows. 
Black Shadow
New Shadow
Name Black Shadow
Aliases The Black Swordsman

Killer of Shadows

Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 4th
Age 19
Height 6'7"
Weight 169 lbs.
Blood Type B+
Clan Unknown
Chakra Nature Storm Release Storm Release

20px Water Release

Kekkei Genkai Ice Release Ice Release
Classification Ninja


Professional Status
Village Yugakure
Current Rank S-rank
Team White Light (Partner)
Ryo Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
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Shadow is usually depicted as wearing a dark black face mask with silver head protection ontop, which makes it so only his eyes are visible. Shadow wears a black jump suit-like outfit with multiple designs and armor platings. Shadow usually wears a black cloth on his back which gives a cape-like feel. Shadow has two forearm protection gauntlets on his arms that protect him. These also come with black, finger less gloves. On his thigh he has three pouches on each side which hold specially made kunai.


Not much is known of Shadow's personality, other than the fact that he's ruthless. Shadow has been known to kill for no exact reason at all, but due to being part of death watch, Shadow is commonly given missions alongside his partner White Light, who he constantly bickers with. Shadow seems to have romantic feelings for Kasaiya Akuma


Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
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