Name Arashi
Romanji furtună
Aliases The Dancing Gale
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday May 7th
Age 32
Height 6'0"
Weight 190 lbs
Blood Type B
Chakra Nature 15px Lightning Release
15px Water Release
Storm Release Storm Release
Kekkei Genkai Storm Release Storm Release
Classification Ninja
Professional Status
Village Hidden Cloud Village
Current Rank Jonin
Team Team Omoi (Formerly)

Salvation Council
RNA Combo

Academy Grad Age 9
Genin Grad Age 10
Chunin Grad Age 14
Ryo 18, 450, 789
Personal Status
Relatives Darui (Father)
Unknown Mother
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Yin-Yang Release Heads Up, this doesn't matter anymore! This is apart of the Old Continuity.
This article Arashi is not apart of the current Akkipuden continuity and has no relevance to the current story!
 Arashi is the son of Darui and an unknown woman. He is from the Hidden Cloud Village and he is currently apart of Kigima Senju's Salvation Council. Currently, he along with the other members of the Salvation Council are planning something unknown. 


Arashi is a pretty tall and muscular dark-skinned man with black hair, black eyes, and an overall slightly lean but toned build. He wears the usual Hidden Clould Village shinobi uniform which is black, blue, and white colors. He also proudly wields his Hidden Cloud Village headband on his right shoulder every single day and never takes it off. Most importantly, Arashi is the spitting image of his father Darui. He looks nearly identical to him except his hair is black and he is a bit shorter and less muscular. 


Like his father, Arashi is a very mellow and laid-back individual who is often quite lazy at times. He also apologizes a lot when Rai starts breaking and smashing things and threatens to hurt someone. Similar to the situations between his father and the Raikage A. Aside from this, Arashi is not lazy or laid-back at all when it comes to battle and important situations. As he will not hesitate to jump into the midst of a battle and attack his opponent mercilessly in a split second. Like most shinobi from the Hidden Clould Village, Arashi loves his village and it's people very much and will gladly sacrifice his life for his village if he needs too. 


Arashi was born to Darui and an unknown woman from the Hidden Cloud VIllage. He was born not much longer after the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. He was raised and trained everyday in the ways of the shinobi by his father, Darui and also alongside his best friend Rai and his father who is the Raikage A. As time went on and many years passed Arashi ended up becoming an extremely skilled shinobi and the third strongest shinobi in the entire Hidden Clould Village. He's second only to Rai, showing that he has even surpassed Omoi, his own father Darui, and A. However, he never surpassed Killer B because he had the power of the Eight-Tailed Beast, Gyuki, on his side. But since KIller B is dead he is officially the second strongest now. 

Eventually, Kigima Senju came to the Hidden Cloud Village looking for it's most powerful shinobi and asking them to join his brand new Salvation Council. After Kigima Senju explained his council's main ideals and goals Arashi decided to join. His main goal is to work with the rest of the Salvation Council to destroy the evil Death Watch once and for all. 


The Grand World Tournament Arc

During this arc, Arashi fought against the Kazekage Asuma Nara and was quickly defeated due to underestimating him and not fighting seriously. Thus, Arashi failed to move on to the second rounds of the tournmanet and Asuma moved on. Later on, Arashi fought a very long and intense battle against Kyofu Senbo. So in the end when they were both immobilized and on their last legs, Arashi decided to forfeit and let Kyofu move on so he could honor his idol, Deidara.

Jutsu & Special Abilities

Arashi is a highly skilled and capable shinobi from the Hidden Cloud VIllage and is considered some of it's greatest and most powerful shinobi. He has been trained by Omoi, Darui, A and even Killer B. This has made him into an incredibly powerful shinobi who is hailed as some of the greatest shinobi that the village has ever saw. Most importantly, Arashi usually fights alongside his best friend Rai, when the two fight together they make up the RNA Combo. The RNA Combo is considered unbeatable, and whenever the enemy sees Rai and Arashi appear side by side on the battlefield they immediately flee as the battle is already over.

Chakra & Chakra Control

Arashi has a high amount of strong chakra just like his father. Although his chakra levels are nothing like Rai's chakra levels his are still pretty high and potent. When he utilizes his Storm Release Armor his chakra levels are drastically increased as well but still not at Tailed Beast levels. However, when using his Storm Release jutsu known as Storm Release: Demon Dragon Storm he has the ability to passively absorb chakra from his surroundings and grow much stronger only then allowing his chakra to reach Tailed Beast levels. When it comes to chakra control, Arashi has a very good amount of chakra control allowing him to use his jutsus to their fullest potential. 


Arashi is very skilled in taijutsu just like Rai and a few other members of the Hidden Cloud Village are. However, he does not use any wrestling-like moves except for Lariat and Double Lariat. Other than that, he relies on various other attacks usually involing numerous punches and kicks and really fast dash attacks. He also usually uses his Storm Release Armor when fighting using taijutsu in order to combine them and create a deadly nintaijutsu fighting style. 


Lightning Release

Arashi is a very skilled user in lightning release-based jutsus. He usually doesn't use it though because he primarily fights using his kekkei genkai known as Storm Release which is a combination of lightning release and water release and more powerful nature than either of the two alone. 

Water Release

Arashi is a very skilled user in water release-based jutsus. He usually doesn't use it though because he primarily fights using his kekkei genkai known as Storm Release which is a combination of lightning release and water release and a more powerful nature than either of the two alone.

Storm Release

Arashi is an absolute prodigy who has complete and utter mastery over every single known storm release-based ninjutsu and has even created many of his own unique storm release jutsus and has expanded on previous ones. He uses storm release as his primary fighting style alongside his taijutsu in order to combine them and use an extremely deadly fighting style known as nintaijutsu. 


Arashi is also a skilled user of kenjutsu and primarily fights using his father's cleaver sword. Arashi has been trained in the use of kenjutsu his entire life by his father and has become extremely good at it. He is able to fight toe to toe with most opponents using only his kenjutsu skills fairly easily. When utilizing his cleaver sword, Arashi channels his storm release-natured chakra into the blade to empower it's cutting and piercing capabilities. As well as giving it the ability to electrocute anyone who is cut by it during battle, effectively giving it the ability to paralyze his opponents if the chakra is channeled directly into their bodies for extended periods of time. 

Jutsu List



Double Lariat


Lightning Release Jutsus

Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration

Lightning Release: Spider Web

Lightning Release: Four-Pillars Jutsu

Lightning Release: Eight-Pillars Jutsu

Lightning Release: Sixteen-Pillars Jutsu

Water Release Jutsus

Water Release: Water Formation Wall

Water Release: Water Shield

Water Release: Showers 

Water Release: Octopus Snare

Water Release: Water Serpent

Storm Release Jutsus

Storm Release Armor

Storm Release: Light Fang

Storm Release: Laser Circus

Storm Release: Laser Arrows

Storm Release: Laser Wave

Storm Release: Shower Rush

Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave

Storm Release: Demon Dragon Storm

Storm Release: Shattering Skyfall

Storm Release: One With The Storm


Cloud-Style Crescent Moon Beheading

Cloud-Style Front Beheading

Cloud-Style Reverse Beheading

Cloud-Style Storm Beheading

Cloud-Style Stormbreaker


Genjutsu: Release

Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar


Stats Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
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